Escapade: Road Trip

A completely spontaneous road trip escapade around Europe; visiting France, Portugal and Spain.  This page will be updated with more information in the next week including a full write up on Also keep and eye out for the out coming film.



European Road Trip Escapade


A White Blanket over Dartmoor

Venturing up to Dartmoor which was covered with it’s white blanket a first this year. As it’s getting rarer to find snow on Dartmoor, certainly over the last few years it has been staying warmer though the winter, but when it does snow Dartmoor comes to life in a whole new way.
These photos where taken on my new camera, a Nikon D5200. Unfortunately it was a little too cold to experiment and this coupled with intermittent snow storms I am surprised I managed to get these shots.



White blanket over Dartmoor